The future of intelligent
edge computing

From design concept to product quality, hardware to software, resources to services, standardization to customization, MIIVII is devoted to establishing a brand-new intelligent edge computing system.

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Rich and powerful ecological resources
  • Seamless end-to-end deployment
  • Single and unified software stack
  • Abundant GPU accelerated libraries
  • Powerful development tools
From data center to smart device, the unified GPU architecture and complete functional modules can save much investment in software migration and deployment.
(Source: NVIDIA)
The Jetson platform is supported by the Jetpack SDK, which includes the board support package (BSP) , Linux operating system, NVIDIA CUDA (R) , and compatibility with third-party platforms.
(Source: NVIDIA)
The ecosystem contains a lot of accelerated libraries for deep learning models such as object detection and image recognition, in order to help customers find a balance between performance and model size.
(Source: NVIDIA)
a)Based on Jetpack, the ecosystem possesses a large number of development tools that can accelerate the development process and code optimization.
Nsight Systems
Nsight Systems
Nsight Systems is a low overhead system-wide profiling tool,  providing views and suggestions for developers to analyze and optimize the software performance. It employs GPU tracing, CPU sampling and tracing as well as OS thread state tracing to visualize the algorithms of applications, and thus helps developers to determine the biggest opportunity for code optimization.
Nsight Graphs
Nsight Graphs
Tegra Graphics Debugger a console-grade tool that allows you to debug and optimize your OpenGL and OpenGL ES applications, enabling you to get the latest,  most advanced GPU features.
CUDA Toolkit
CUDA Toolkit
CUDA Toolkit provides a development environment for creating high-performance GPU-accelerated applications, and includes all the necessary debugging and optimization tools.
CUDA-MEMCHECK is a command line tool that detects the source and cause of memory access errors in your GPU code. It also also reports runtime execution errors, identifying situations that could otherwise result in an “unspecified launch failure” error when your application is running.
(Source: NVIDIA)
Convenient and easy-to-use software services

Provide the technical documents, Image and Flash tool for all products to help enterprises speed up development process.

Profession in application areas

Let edge computing devices possess the characteristics of vertical industry and specialty application, and adapt to the special needs of different application scenarios. For example, MIIVII Apex Xavier with a GMSL interface is designed for vehicle application scenarios, which is the cornerstone of high-speed data transmission and stable computing inside the vehicles. This kind of interface can also be applied to scenarios such as low-speed self-driving and traffic management which also require high stability and long-distance transmission.

Cost-effective product integration

Make full use of multiple cores in SOM, such as DLA and real-time computing cores and strive to give full play to the performance of every single computing device. For example, according to the requirements for the data fusion of various sensors under complex scenarios, a highly integrated, highly accurate and low-latency clock synchronization function based on a single device is provided.

GMSL Camera
Product quality with high stability

Adopt the industrial-grade and automotive-grade product design concept and apply direct-touch passive coolers to most products, which feature in wide temperature range, high shock resistance and high protection level, and are stable and reliable for long-term use in extreme circumstances.

(Some of our product certifications still in process)
Customized services with high flexibility

Offer flexible customized services in order to meet the needs of more scenarios, including hardware customization, cryptographic function development, specialized sensor driver development and system tailoring.

Hardware Customization
Cryptographic Function
Specialized Sensor Driver
System Tailoring