MllVll EVO ORIN is an embedded edge computing device designed for industrial scenarios,provided 200/275 Tops computing capability.

The equipment adopts high efficiency and active heat dissipation design, which can operate stably in harsh industrial environment. The fastening embedded design can achieve high vibration resistance level.

The product provides a variety of l/0 interfaces to meet the access requirements of a variety of sensors. At the same time, it provides efficient sensor clock synchronization function, and reserves a variety of internal expansion interfaces to provide more wireless communication and storage expansion solutions.

Support total independent 5-channel Gigabit Ethernet

Industrial-grade design,
High shock resistance,
direct-touch passive cooler

Modular design,
high expansibility

Technical Specifications
ProcessorNVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin 32GB/64GB
Video EncodeAV1:1x 4K30,3x 1080p60,7x 1080p30
H.264/H.265:1x 4K60,2x4k30,6x 1080p60,15x 1080p30
VP9:1x 4K60,2x4k30,6x 1080p60,12x 1080p30
Video DecodeAV1:1x 8K30,2x 4K60,4x4k30,10x 1080p60,20x 1080p30
H.265:1x 8K30,2x 4K60,6x4k30,12x 1080p60,26x 1080p30
H.264:1x 4K60,2x 4K30,6x 1080p60,14x 1080p30
CPU8 Core ARM® Cortex®-A78/12 Core ARM® Cortex®-A78
GPUNVIDIA Ampere 1792-CUDA® Core/NVIDIA Ampere 2048-CUDA® Core
Memory32 GB 64 bit LPDDR4 204 GB/s/64 GB 64 bit LPDDR4 204 GB/s
Storage64GB eMMC 5.1
DL Accelerator2×NVDLA 2.0 Engines
I/O5*Gigabit Ethernet ,4*USB 3.0 Type A,2*CAN FD,2*RS232,
,2*RS485/422,1*PPS IN,1*PPS OUT,2*SYNC OUT
User Expansion1*TF ,1*M.2 M Key 2280, 2*Mini Pcie,1*M.2 B Key,4*Nano SIM Socket
Input Voltage12-48V
Dimensions (W×H×D)226mm×70mm×144.5mm (I/O ports and mounting holes excluded)
Application Scenarios

Intelligent Video Analysis
Face Recognition
Gesture Recognition
Intrusion Detection

Medical Care
Local Analysis Of Medical Images

Smart Transportation
Smart Light Pole
Smart Junction
Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System (CVIS)

Industrial Vision
Defect Detection
Item Sorting

Intelligent Fetching

Mine Field
Regional Video Analysis

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