Remote driving
Customer Requirements
Working in high-risk areas with frequent accidents
Harsh working environment, unable to work for a long time, low efficiency
Production efficiency affected by the operator's mental state, experience and skills
2D display, lack of sense of space, low efficiency
Remote operation delay

Remote driving perception computing based on MIIVII EVO TX2 GMSL2

Taking advantage of AI, AR and other technologies, we can obtain massive on-site construction photos and build models on MIIVII EVOTX2 GMSL2 for positioning and marking of buckets.
During the operation, the operator shall manually set an unloading point, and can reset the device by pressing one key after excavation. MIIVII device can set a path according to the set positioning point for unloading.
Optimize the video transmission structure depending on NVIDIA's powerful encoding/decoding function, control the delay time within 300ms, and realize real-time operation 2,500km away
The average cycle time of a single bucket is shortened from 30s (manual remote control) to 18s, achieving 90% of manual operation efficiency.
Unloading by pressing one key, higher operation efficiency, cycle time of single bucket up to 18s
Delay of operating an engineering vehicle 2,500 km away less than 300ms

Remote driving, away from dangerous environments
2D image positioning to determine the drop point of the bucket
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