Smart retail
Customer Requirements
Insufficient feedback on sales data
unable to accurately determine customer preferences
The shop assistant draws a store layout based on experience
which is greatly affected by personal factors

Long market survey cycle
Inaccurate sales data
Multi-directional exploration and experiment
Unable to predict the types of products sold
Poor shop performance

The operation mode under the supervision of the shop manager is limited by energy
Unable to monitor in real time
Difficulty in improving the service level

Marketing data structured analysis platform based on MIIVII Lite NX Mini

Based on algorithms such as human detection and tracking and image recognition, MIIVII device has functions of passenger flow statistics, regional passenger flow analysis, and panoramic heat maps through panoramic cameras.
The cloud provides multi-dimensional sales funnel analysis based on information such as product access rate and usage rate uploaded by edge devices
MIIVII device records the behavior of shop assistants through behavior analysis and recognition algorithms, and uploads them to cloud memory
Small size, low noise, real-time processing of camera data, lower bandwidth costs
Analyze the customer attraction of the shops based on the customer flow into the shops; analyze the customers' interest in the products based on the residence map; analyze the passenger flow in each area based on the frequency map, and optimize the layout
Help know purchase intentions and optimize product category; quickly replicate the operation methods of well-performing shops to others

Perceive the service behavior of the shop assistant and improve the service level
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