Development kit for education — MArmorF

Based on Jetson AGX Xavier, it can calculate the hash rates of sensor data fusion, sensing, planning and decision-making as a standalone product. Taking GPU as the core of hash rates, it provides abundant NVIDIA ecological resources, east-to-use hardware architecture, software Demo, tutorial code, etc. It also provides one-stop hardware platform and software package for the study, research and practice of self-driving technology and robotics conducted by colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises, etc. Moreover, its flexible customized services and secondary development capabilities can effectively accelerate the scientific research progress and the product landing speed.

Hardware Configurations

MArmorF is equipped with automotive/industrial-grade hardware to ensure the stability, including automotive-grade GMSL cameras, 16-line lidar, industrial-grade WIFI router, IMU and core computing platform MIIVII Apex Xavier. The chassis includes 4-motor direct drive system, differential steering, front and rear bull bars and emergency power-off button.

Sensor Coverage

MArmorF possesses sensors that can cover all angles. Multiple combinations can be selected to support up to 8 GMSL cameras. Users can choose different camera views such as around view, binocular view, long-range perspective, wide-angle view and other camera FOV angles as needed. Combined with the MIIVII Fusion SDK, it can be integrated with lidar data at a microsecond level, helping users get more accurate data to develop their upper-level algorithms.

Product Advantages
Synchronization of
8-channel GMSL camera

Synchronization of
8-channel GMSL camera

8-channel image data are completely synchronized, to build combination of monocular, binocular, round view and other camera options.
Single-chip multi-sensor
clock synchronization

Single-chip multi-sensor
clock synchronization

Synchronize clocks for sensors such as lidar, camera and IMU to reduce latency and response time.
Abundant software functions

Abundant software functions

Complete ROS open source demo code, can refer to tutorial mapping.
Sensor fusion SDK, providing more precise data for upper development.
Deep learning acceleration SDK based on YOLOV3, improve 3-5 times of the hash rate in real time.
Versatile chassis

Versatile chassis

Differential steering, flexible indoor and outdoor use, full terrain support.
Compact and portable, can be placed in the elevator or car boot.
System suppor

System suppor



Gazebo Open Source Simulation Tutorial
Multi-line lidar Slam tutorial
Building Stereo Vision Tutorial
Visual Odometer Tutorial
Object Recognition Tutorial
Software Function Integration Tutorial

Basic parameters of the chassis
Max payload
Max speed
Longest distance
Obstacle crossing ability
Charging voltage
Power consumption
4×200W Max